It is the one of the most beautiful places on Lake Baikal. The base is framed by the Spine Scalisty from the north (its high is 800 meters under the Lake). This spine protects from the cold northern winds in Bay. The capes Bolshoy and Maly

Kolokolny, which limit the bay, protects from the cold water from the area of water of the Lake. It is create the own microclimate.

     The velvet season on the base is – July – August. There are a lot of mushrooms in forests and warm water (14-22 C) in Bay this time. Sunny and calm weather create comfortable conditions for swimming and tan, saved on the whole year.

     Experienced instructors will show the most beautiful places of the seaside and conduct in one- or multi-day march (Babushkin bay, Balkaniy Stone, the Rock of review to the tree of Courage and the Cender mounting pass). The Peschanka takes people seasonal and in any time.

     The working period on 2009 is from the 26 June up to the 31 August. Tourists are placed in houses of the summer type in 2-3 placed rooms. Washstand, shower, toilets are disposed on the territory.

     Three times a day feeding in dining-room.

     Tourist in free time can prepare fish soap from the Baikal omul on the campfire.

     To the tourists service: bar, tearoom, banya-sauna, the rent of sport equipment, disco, volleyball.

     The journey to the base from the pier “Raketa” by motor ship “Barguzin”. The cost of the journey presented on the main page of the site in section “How get to…”

     Arrival: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday.  

     Out in: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday.

     Approximate cost Irkutsk – Peschanka – Irkutsk 2 750

     There is very simple living conditions in the hostel. Capital reconstruction was long ago, but beauty of these places upstage it.

     The sportsmen of the Sport club “Dinamo” arrive here play in volleyball on the base sport ground, which is situated on the seaside of the Lake. There is unique Russian bath beautiful steam room and there is 2-3 meters to the water.

     There is only satellite, mobiles are not working. To this base you can get by water or on foot through cedar mounting pass in taiga 3-4 days in way from the Bolshoe Goloustnoe.

     Recommendations: It is recommended for people who are amateur for the beautiful places and unassuming to the comfort.

     The cost of pass: adult – 1450

               children (up to 16) – 1250