About us

Dear guests welcome to our site,

Travel agency "Ocean" was created in 2001. Our basic rules are the following:

  • mobility & efficiency

  • huge range of services

  • the individual relation to each client

  • decency & responsibility

  • in downtown Irkutsk

Our agency is called "Ocean" not by chance because Baikal is incipient ocean, its open spaces are boundless, not without reason is it named one of seven mirical of the world.
First and foremost it is an ineffable miracle on a scale which amazes and defies comprehension. We can hardly help repeating: how  good it is to have Baikal! Mightly, rich, majestic and beautiful in so many, many ways, regal and untamed - how good it is to have it!

Director of travel agency "Ocean"  Eleonora Dorokhova