Baikal Dunes



     The holiday centre “Baikal Dunes” is located in a picturesque place of Lake Baikal, between Small Belfry Cape and Gliff Gendarme, in Academicheskaya Bay.

     It is one of the most beautiful places at the Lake – taiga mountainside of the Primorsky Ridge, which are more than 20 millions years old gently slopping to Baikal as well as variety of big and small cliffs; cedar trees, larch trees, pure quartz pebbly beach. It is the only place on the Lake where the average annual temperature is above zero, that’s why this place has its own unique climate.


     The holiday centre “Baikal Dunes” is not so big, but very cozy. It was founded in 1998. This holiday centre is build in unique place, which is encircled from the one side by rocks and Siberian taiga and from the other side by the Lake. There are no automobile roads; this place is isolated from the civilization. The comfortable beach zone is combined with the wooden cottages, which are inscribed in natural landscape.


     “Baikal Dunes” offers the accommodation in wooden houses equipped with modern services and utilities: single, double, triple and four persons rooms. The rooms have all facilities for comfortable accommodation: shower, toilet, electric radiators.

Guest’s service:

     There is night and day tavern with bar and banya-sauna. The high of the original construction tower is 10.5 meters, it has veranda with the tables for 20 places with the georgeouse Baikal view.

There are also billiard and gym. The rent of gym stock, fishing equipment and satellite telephone. The territory is protected and lit night and day. Holiday center offers all the manner of tours and excursions with instructor.

     Three times a day feeding and tourist walking tour  is included in cost. 

     In addition payed:

     Delivery Irkutsk - Holiday centre “Baikal Dunes” – Irkutsk 2500 rubles for a person (it is around 2,5 hours Irkutsk – Bolshoe Goloustnoe by comfortable bus and around 2 hours by motorboat of the “Jaroslavec” type, cruise from Bol. Goloustnoe to the “Baikal Dunes” and back. The time in way is approximately 4,5 hours.     The departure from Irkutsk at 9:00 o’clock and arrival is approximately at 13:30 (local time). There is dinner after arrival.

     The delivery is only on Sunday, Wednesday, Friday.


     Tourist may take an alcoholic drinking, because its price in the holiday centre is above than in town and the sale is only in bar. The feeding is good and the service is by waiters.

     People who want steam in banya, it is important to book beforehand, because it might have no free time.

     It is important to take a warm cloth, because it can be chilly on the Lake in evening.